Frequently Asked Questions – Picnics

 Q: How does the picnic thing work?

Basically, we set everything up for you and have it ready for your arrival. We’ll be there waiting with your picnic until you arrive keeping seagulls off or making sure no body else decides to have it! Then we leave you to enjoy it for the arranged amount of time and will return to pack everything up for you! You can leave and enjoy the rest of your day/evening.

 Q: Can you set up anywhere?

Yes! We love setting up new places that we haven’t been before!! There may be additional costs if there isn’t close vehicle access or if it’s over 30miles from our base in Kew Garden Hills,Queens,NY.

 Q: Is catering included? 

For our picnic dates, picnic proposal and mothers group a grazing platter is included.for all other picnic events we can assist you organize catering and give you suggestions according to your preferences and budget. We will then work with the chosen caterers while setting up to ensure everything is ready for you on the day when you arrive.

 Q: I want to secure my booking, how do I do that?

A 30% deposit is required to secure your booking. Until that is made, the items are available for any one to book! This is why we recommend that if you’re wanting to go ahead, you get back to us promptly!

 Q: What if it rains?

Yes, this is always a risk. Our preference is to move the event inside to yours or one of the guests homes. We promise it will still be amazing and this way you won’t be incurring any additional fees. If this isn’t an option, we can look at venues to hire the week before. For picnic dates we are happy to reschedule, subject to availability, with no additional costs as long as we are notified 48 hrs prior to the picnic.

 Q: Can we leave when we want?

You are responsible for the items until we return to pack them up at the arranged time. If you would like to leave earlier than this time, please provide 30mins notice and you can contact us via our phone number given.

 Q: How long do we have?

Our picnic dates are 2 hours but can be extended at no extra cost. We do not have set times for our picnic events as we understand that every one is different! We’ve gone to the effort of setting it up for you and you’ve paid for it, so you may as well enjoy it as long as you like!
Additional costs come in to play if pack up is after 9:30pm. This is due to access to our storeroom, safety, needing an extra person and also valuing our sleep! Pack up’s between 9:30-10pm are an extra $40,10-10:45pm $90,10:45-11:29 $150, 11:30-12:29pm $200, and past 12:30pm an additional $300.

 Q: Is it okay if I'm late?

No. While we’re here to make your day easier and help you create beautiful memories, we ask that you respect our time and arrive at the agreed time. We may have other bookings we need to leave for, and if you’re late it affects our whole schedule. We also want your picnic still looking fresh and if you arrive an hour late, we cannot guarantee the food will still be at it’s best!
To encourage you not to be late, a surcharge fee will be charged to your nominated credit card if late. 0-10mins no charge, 15mins or part thereof $20, 30mins or part thereof $50, 45mins or part thereof $80, an hour or more $100 and we have the right to pack up the picnic without any refund.

 Q: Final Payment?

Outstanding balances are due ONE WEEK prior to your Event, in cash, bank deposit or Pay Pal. Payments not received within this timeframe will result in cancellation of your Event.

 Q: Do I need a power supply?

No power supply is needed, all our lights are battery or solar powered.

 Q: How do you clean the items?

All the blankets we use is washed and sanitized thoroughly between each use to ensure they are ready for the next group in tip top condition. This includes blankets, teepees, trays, vases, lanterns, accessories etc so everything will be perfect for your party.

 Q: Cancellation or reschedule:

If for any reasons a customer cancels a booking, the following will apply:

  1. Cancellation more than 28 days before the event, no fee applies and the customer will be refunded the deposit (if it is has been paid to us).
  2. Cancellation within 28 days of the event, will incur a fee of 25% of the deposit, this will be deducted from the deposit paid. The remaining balance of the deposit and/or bond will be reimbursed.
  3. Cancellation within 1-7 days of the event will incur a fee of 50% of the total hire value shown on the invoice. The remaining balance and deposit will be reimbursed.
  4. If the customer needs to change the date we well do our best to accommodate a new date for you.
 Q: Event items and damages:

A check list with the rental items and any additional items selected by the client will be delivered to the client before we leave the Event. It is the client’s responsibility to return all the items that are in the checklist back in perfect condition. Any damage or lost items will be charged. Client has the right to look at items before we leave and let us know of any damages prior to renting our items. If any damages or stains are sited by the client prior to the rental, a note will be written in the check list.

Any damaged or lost items will cost up to $100 per item. client shall not be responsible for any damages caused by company´s employees, agents or assignees.

 Q: Photography:

Petals and Hearts Boutique reserves the right to use photographs taken at your event in any promotional media controlled by us. You will make no monetary or another claim against Petals and Hearts Boutique for the use of photographs taken of your children/guests. We will never use identifying information in our images.

 Q: Rental return:

Our team will arrive to pick up items at the end of the Event. A tour around the tents and items will be done prior to breakdown. After the countdown and going over all the items we will let client know of any issues or fees that may be applied.

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